This is a guide to help you with configuring your Gitlab to run your android instrumentation tests using Flank for different situations.

This assumes that you use the following stack:

The target of this:

Not covered:

For our goal, we would use Flank. It is a massive parallel test runner for Firebase Test Lab.

In theory, if you have 250 automated test cases you can distribute them to 250 emulators/devices and get rocket speed results.

Smart sharding on Flank: Google calculates your usage costs by the minute. …

Usually people share solutions that work but writing about things that don’t work still can save time if you are going the same path.

There were some improvements to the android UI tests setup I was working on but things don’t always work as planned.

The setup is espresso with orchestrator enabled + Firebase Test Lab

Failure#1: Having Test Coverage Reports for UI Tests:

Android allows us to have Jacoco coverage reports even for UI tests. It can be nice to have an overview and analyse areas of improvement.

In order to have this config, you need to:

Ahmed Faidy

I use Kakao and Espresso for living and drink espresso in my free time. Test Automation @ JustEat Takeaway

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